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“He made a big message to thousands of students feel like he was talking to each person individually.”
High School Student
Georgia HOSA Conference

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K.D. Creates Lasting Change...

Help students clarify their vision, discover their potential, and pursue their dreams through education and beyond!

Student-centered presentations, active audience workshops, and dynamic keynote speeches.

Encourages post-secondary education completion for academic access programs nationwide.

Building up the WHOLE student through honest conversations preparing them to transition into the college setting.

Educators deserve to be celebrated, supported, and challenged to continue making generational impact.

Intentional dialogue, relevant storytelling, laughter, and transparency about burn out, student retention, and self care.

Encouraging and supporting increased minority applicants, retention rates and graduation rates on college and university campuses nationwide.

Re-enforce the reality that minority males in higher education should not just see what they desire in life, but rather, become it.

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Meet K.D. Wilson

As one of the nation’s leading Student Success & Educator Empowerment Speakers in high schools, and colleges, K.D. delivers life changing speeches, provides resources, developmental training and inspirational engagements for students, educators and teams everywhere. K.D. is a former teacher, former youth minister and former first responder with a heart to see students and educators free of fear, regret, and doubt while living up to their full potential. Simply put, K.D. has lived a life that connects with thousands, including you!
“K.D. cares like a friend, delivers like a professional, and speaks with authority.”
Ms. Sharon Jacobs
Asst. Principal of Northern High School

Books By K.D. Wilson

Bring home the messages from K.D. Wilson and learn more from his extensive background.

“He shares with humor, enthusiasm, and passion. We were left feeling really inspired.”

“He did an excellent job, my kids learned so much from him. They were excited to be in his class. His book is phenomenal!”

"Leadership has everything to do with the heart."
K.D. Wilson

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