Educator Impact

"Educators are not expendable. There will always be a student needing to learn, so we must care for those willing to teach!"

A refreshing and fun trip down memory lane as it relates to “WHY” educators chose their profession.
At the conclusion, educators will:
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“K.D. cares like a friend, delivers like a professional, and speaks with authority.”
Ms. Sharon Jacobs
Asst. Principal of Northern High School
Every Administrator/Director wants to feel like they not only ‘led by example’ but also ‘made a difference.’ The challenge for most is doing it without losing who they are in the process. We discuss how to remain authentic while still achieving success with your team and/or teachers.
At the conclusion of this session, attendees will understand the significance of:
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“K.D. gets better every time. It’s always the same person, but never the same experience for our students and team.”
Dr. Samantha Aaron
Director of TRIO Programs, Guilford College