Minority Male Initiative

Minority males need to know their very presence matters. K.D. won't stop until they walk in that truth!

A discussion on the minority male academic achievement gap and how to counter-attack that obstacle.
In conclusion of the presentation, attendees will be able to understand the necessity of:
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“Mr. Wilson is a real communicator. Even more, he’s a man that is an example for other young men and scholars.”
Dr. Fidel Wilson
Director of Regional Locations, Brookdale Community College
A critical conversation on the present day battle of self-image among young black males.
At the conclusion of this engagement attendees will have discussed how the following platforms contribute positive/negative input towards the African American minority male:
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“This brother is a phenomenal communicator that cares, and that’s why I had to bring him in to speak to our college students.”
Mr. Ronnell Dubose
Director of Student Support Services, Purdue University Northwest
"You're going to see a genuine person, he's going to keep it real. It's going to be relevant and it's going to be applicable."
Benjamin V.
Associate Director, Upward Bound, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College