Do’s & Don’ts for High Schoolers

60 Need to Know Facts for Today’s Successful Scholar!


Did you know that the first high school was founded sometime around the year 1128? I know it’s the 21st century now, but aren’t students still students? Life is always changing, but I bet the kids in the 1100’s dealt with some of the same challenges as scholars today. Peer pressure, financial literacy, social life challenges, personal development desires and the like are all very real pieces of the puzzle for today’s scholars. If you’ve every felt like high school was just moving fast and you were somehow standing still…this is the book for you!

I went from graduating in the bottom percentile of my high school class to graduating with honors from Duke University. It took vision, resilience, faith, support, discipline, and pure guts to get it done. No matter where you feel you are in your high school days, this book will ease decision making like you wouldn’t believe. Enjoy your high school journey, but just remember to take my “Do’s & Don’ts For High Schoolers,” with you!