Shield Over Spear: Leadership Book Combo

7 Indestructible Principles Of Success For Leadership At All Levels


If you’re looking for the perfect book and student workbook to challenge your scholars, or team with…look no further. Shield Over Spear: 7 Indestructible Principles Of Success For Leadership At All Levels, is an introspective and challenging piece of work that focuses on building leadership from the inside out. The foundation of the book is set on demonstrating how the best leaders are those that hold up a shield for their team, and not those authoritative figures that hurt the team for personal progress.


After, or during the book, if you have a set of students (College Interested, Presently Enrolled or College Bound), that want to take their academic journey to the next level…here’s the Student Workbook they need. The Student Workbook is all about personal growth and development, so that when the opportunity to lead intersects with their path…they are more than ready!


Why not give your team and scholars a fresh start and a new weapon to put into their war-bag as they take on the challenges of life? Let’s grow and go…together!