Shield Over Spear: 7 Principles of Leadership

7 Indestructible Principles Of Success for Leadership at All Levels


Leadership is not for the fearful, nor the arrogant either. As a leader, people will run to you, or run from you. If you empower them, they will fight for you, and if you deplete them…they will fight against you! In battle, shields are heaviest for a reason. The shield will take the most impact from opposing forces, while providing protection for those fighting the good fight.


In leadership, just like the battlefield, the shield is key…not the spear! No matter what position of leadership you may find yourself in, this book is a new weapon in your arsenal. If you want to know how the greatest historical figures completed unbelievable tasks, and duplicate the same, this book will show you the way. You will be taken on a journey through the 7 Indestructible Principles Of Success, and what a journey it is! These principles have been battle-tested and proven in the areas of higher education, business, sports, family, and more.What kind of leader are you?


Do you demand perfection, even though it is unattainable? Do you lead by excellent example? Can your team really trust you? Do they believe in their hearts that you have their best interest in mind, and not just your own? If you are going to lead, and dominate the seasons of your life, you must engage the principles in this book. In the end, the greatest leaders are the people that refused to standby any more. When the smoke clears, it’s the leaders that discovered the power of holding the “Shield Over Spear!”