TRIO/EOF/GEAR UP Partnership

K.D. believes that all it takes is one person to shift an entire generation.

Experience the power of collaboration with K.D. Wilson's exclusive partnership opportunity for TRIO/EOF/GEAR UP organizations. Join forces to amplify student success, unlock untapped potential, and create a lasting impact through dynamic speeches, customized resources, and tailored developmental training.

K.D. knows that #EOF - #GEAR UP - #TRIOWORKS

K.D. knows that

Every Student Deserves An Opportunity To Succeed

K.D. has been a long time advocate, friend and premier speaker/educator in the academic access program world. He is familiar with all opportunity programs, specifically Student Support Services, Upward Bound, Talent Search, EOF, EOP, Gear Up and the McNair Programs.

If you’re ready to take your program to the next level, contact K.D. and learn how he can help your students. 

K.D. knows what it’s like to start from scratch, be the first, and figure it out while boldly stepping into the unknown. He grew up in a dysfunctional home, experienced fatherlessness, struggled financially, underperformed academically, and was told that he couldn’t succeed.

But, he learned to turn life’s adversity into his advantage by changing how he viewed life’s challenges. He went on to graduate with honors at NC A&T State, and Duke University! K.D. became a published author, writing his first book on how students and people can overcome their fears! Lastly, he served his community as a police officer for 8 yrs, and knows firsthand what happens to students that don’t live up to their full potential. He often conducts workshops on social justice matters and how students can use their education and voice to make changes in the world! 

That’s why academic access programs matter so much to him. Programs that provide hope, exposure, and support are dear to his heart. K.D. always delivers H.O.T. topic presentations. H.O.T. meaning, Honest-Open-Transparent. He shows scholars how he did what he did, how they can do more, and why they must succeed.

Your scholars are one of a kind. Let K.D. support your efforts to help them realize and live out that truth.


“This brother is a phenomenal communicator that cares, and that’s why I had to bring him in to speak to our college students.”
Mr. Ronnell Dubose
Director of Student Support Services, Purdue University Northwest
"To my TRIO world: Please, if you are looking for a dynamic speaker, someone to inspire your students, get them on fire... get Mr. K.D."
Take it from us, college is about so much more than student reinvention. College is about the exploration of one’s often hidden ability, potential, and purpose. In this dynamic and crowd engaging session, K.D. goes through some of the Do’s and major Don’ts he wished he would have known after high school, during his first year in college, and more!

Topic Ideas for the Most Impactful Partnership

“I’ve brought K.D. back to speak to our students every year since I’ve met him. The message is for our scholars, but it’s always just for me at the same time.”
Ms. Christine Millien
EOF Office Coordinator, Ramapo College